Ga-rei Zero

Studio: AIC Spirits/asread    Genre: Action
Aired: Fall 2008    Length: 12 Episodes
Weeaboo Average Score: N/A  (0 ratings)

Ga-rei Zero - Preview

Apparently the rest of the show is about pocky addicted lesbian schoolgirls

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-03-29 16:36:39

I went into this not knowing what the fuck it was about. The title isn't very informative and I don't recall seeing it on the fall season list. I double-checked and this is indeed a new series. It's also extremely mediocre.

Gai-Rei Zero is an action show. It's got extremely terrible looking CG dragons, invisible zombie things and motorcycle kung-fu. Absolutely nothing is explained in the first episode. You're thrust into this thing in medias res. There's a handful of what we can only assume are main characters who go around killing shit with 'spirit water' and magic bullets and magic motorcycle tires. They just go at it, and do so without explaining ANYTHING.

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Fast-forward 20 minutes, they killed two identical flaming CG dragons, and are then instantly killed by a katana wielding girl in a scene with hilarious levels of censorship. I couldn't even tell what was going on this shit was so censored. So yeah, back to square one. All the potential protagonists are dead.

There is no OP or ED, where the ED should be there's just some background noise. It's creepy in its own very special mediocre way. The animation is mediocre. The background music is mediocre. The characters were all generic action show stereotypes. I can only assume that next episode, the main character somehow doesn't die and gets turned into a cyborg or something, robocop style.

One can hope.

Category: Action
First Impression:3/10
Verdict: Once again I'm left confused. In this case I wasn't shown anything that makes me want to find out whats actually going on. Don't bother.