Studio: Madhouse    Genre: Horror/Fanservice
Aired: Fall 2008    Length: 12 Episodes
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Chaos;Head - Preview

Plaid pants and figurine shopping with murderous moeblobs

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-03-31 17:51:28

Filling yet another genre hole, we have Chaos;Head, which claims to be a horror/suspense. It's based on a visual novel, once again, except this one was co-produced by Nitro+, best known for Saya no Uta and Phantom of Inferno. I'm not actually sure how much they had to do with the production of this one, though. Moving on, Chaos;Head is about a complete loser named Nishijo Takumi. He lives in what appears to be a shipping crate on the roof of a building, he wants nothing to do with "the three dimensional world", choosing to bury himself in figurines and MMOs, and not to mention he's completely delusional. He is literally unlikeable in every possible way, which is an excellent way to start the show.

Precisely nothing is explained in the first episode, it mostly deals with making you dislike the protagonist. There's lots of hints strewn about that there's some weird shit going on though. Takumi has lots of weird-ass trips where he sees shit that obviously isn't happening, they mention in passing that people are being murdered, and finally he encounters a schoolgirl nailing a man to a wall with crosses and runs away after nearly pissing himself. Near the end of the episode he meets a girl who is pretty much something straight out of an h-game. She a tremendous anime nerd and asks him to go fig shopping with her. Yeah.

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First and foremost on the technical side, the character designs bother me a bit, there's lots of ultra-thin schoolgirls and guys wearing plaid pants (????). It's standard VN fare, but that doesn't mean I can't complain. The animation is nothing to write home about, but there's nothing in the first episode to prove that it's either good or bad. Again, the OP is standard stuff, entirely forgettable. One thing I found strange is that the run time for the first episode was nearly 27 minutes. To me that means a couple of things: 1)This is probably airing without commercials and 2) That means it's probably on a movie channel of some sort, if japan's TV networks work like they do here. Ultimately this means they probably have more freedom to show whatever the fuck they want, and that the show was tailor made to suit this purpose. As seen in one of the screenshots, even though it's nothing but a short glimpse, this shit is pretty gory.

I think there's some potential here if it goes the way it should. A couple things make me a bit wary though. First, in the OP we're shown a bunch of schoolgirls with magical swords and shit. I don't want to watch a magical bullshit show, I want to watch urban Higurashi. Second, and this can go either way, the protagonist is the walking embodiment of the word "unlikeable". I say it can go either way because it can either be entertaining (see also: schadenfreude) like Sato from "Welcome to the NHK", or it can be incredibly annoying like Shinji from Evangelion. Overall, I need to see where this is going before I can call it good or bad, but the first episode doesn't do a very good job selling it. One last note, for the love of god go with m.3.3.w for the subs, I went with AoShen and they throw a fuckton of random worthless notes all over the place.

First Impression: 7/10
Verdict: The first episode didn't sell the show to me; I'm giving it one or two more.