Earl and Fairy

Studio: Artland    Genre: Shoujo/Romance
Aired: Fall 2008    Length: 12 Episodes
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Earl and Fairy - Preview

Bipedal talking cats just look fucking weird

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-03-31 17:56:20

Thus far this season I have seen a lot of shit. I mean literally shit; shows that were so bad that no one should ever watch them. I sat through it all. I sat through Akane-iro Abomination Whatever without impaling my palm through my face, I sat though Hyakko without falling asleep, I even tolerated Toradora, a show where my arch-nemesis Rie Kugimiya voices the lead! Surely I'm through the worst of it! If I can brave such travesties willingly I can finish anything right? If you're not completely thick, you know by now that I'm leading up to the fact that I could not sit through Earl and Fairy. I do, however, know what it's about, so let me share that with you before I go rambling about my fear of talking cats.

Earl and Fairy is simply about a girl who can see fairies, and the crazy antics that ensue. The girl in question is wearing some hilariously poofy-frilly dresses so one can only assume that the intent is for some sort of Victorian-age style. I only watched the first 5 or so minutes of the show but I can infer the plot from those five minutes because the OP has a 7:1 m:f ratio, the girl is wearing some Victorian age shit, and fairies are featured prominently in the title and said first minutes of the show. This is going to be a female-targeted romance series, plain and simple. Wikipedia says the term for this is 'Shojo' (I've been spelling it shoujo, I guess it doesn't matter, I just had a brain-fart and forgot the word.) I can normally tolerate these! Some of my past favorites have involved this shit, and even I had to stop watching, here's why.

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Dear lord the cat bothers the ever-loving christ out of me. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. You can't hear its voice in these screenshots, count yourselves lucky. It walks on its hind legs, it's abnormally fuzzy and it was drinking fucking scotch at some point. This, combined with said 7:1 pretty-boys to tsundere girl ratio and the female protagonist's GLASSY LIFELESS EYES made me stop. I knew where this shit was going, I need not see any more.

Category:Shoujo as fuck
First Impression: n/a (didn't finish the episode)
Verdict: Probably only for 12-15 year old girls, and maybe kiwi.