Studio: Kyoto Animation    Genre: Slice of Life/Comedy
Aired: Spring 2009    Length: 13 Episodes
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K-On! - Preview

Amateur castanet players need not apply

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-04-04 21:47:51

Much to the dismay of quite a few people, K-On is neither Haruhi or Full Metal Panic. Instead, Kyoto Animation opted to give us something that bears a striking resemblance (at least in general terms) to Lucky Star. K-On is a "nothing happens" slice of life show about four high school girls and the music club they take part in. The first episode primarily focuses on a clumsy, air-headed, withdrawn girl named Yui, a freshman at the school who is having trouble deciding which club to join.

The first episode was actually rather boring. Most of it was about the light music club being suspended due to lack of membership. Three girls whose names I can't be pressed to remember wind up saving the club, but run into a problem: They have a drummer, bassist, and keyboardist, but no guitarist. Eventually our main moeblob mistakenly joins the club, not realizing that the castanets aren't in high demand in soft-rock bands, and goes to withdraw from it. They need a guitarist, so rather than have her leave and the club disband, they offer to teach her how to play. Everyone is moe and delighted and they all eat cake. The end.

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The animation style is very fluid, and quite unlike anything I have seen from Kyo-Ani thus far. It more reminds me of Kannagi in terms of general design, style, and quality. It's not bad, but it's mostly just schoolgirls talking for twenty minutes, so there's very little to actually animate. The music is good; the opening and ending are both very catchy and memorable. About 3/4ths through the episode the bassist, drummer, and keyboardist do a short little number which sounded authentically low-key and simple. The show features at least a few big name voice actors, which is pretty much standard for these moefests.

Overall the show's biggest fault is it's boring. Some may derive more entertainment from it than others, but all told there's not much there. There was at least one part I laughed at, though, and that was when they referenced Jeff Beck as one might reference Chuck Norris. Beyond that though, there wasn't much else to the episode. All told, it was firmly mediocre. There was nothing to really discredit or hate about it, but there was nothing worthy of praise either. You can certainly do worse, but let's see how the season pans out first.

First Impression: 4/10
Verdict: This will mostly be for Lucky Star fans and their ilk.