Asura Cryin

Studio: Seven Arcs    Genre: Action/Paranormal
Aired: Spring 2009    Length: 13 Episodes
Weeaboo Average Score: N/A  (0 ratings)

Asura Cryin - Preview

A show about moe ghosts, magical gang fights, and CG mechs

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-04-06 16:59:08

Among the first shows of the Spring season is Asura Cryin, a show about moe ghosts, magical gang fights, and mechs. I'm not exaggerating when I say the first episode is hands-down the most confusing thing I've seen in a very long time. In fact, the last time I was left so clueless was probably Mouryou no Haku from last Fall, which was a show about lesbian schoolgirls skipping through cherry blossoms at night while reciting mythology.


I feel like I should describe this in detail.

Initially it's about this extremely normal teenager who is forced to move out on his own for ill-defined reasons. He's moving into his new place, discussing this and that with his friend who is obsessed with the paranormal and suddenly we're introduced to the other main character. A girl his age who is quite literally a floating ball of moe stereotypes. I say floating because she is also a ghost. And only the protagonist can see/speak to her. Oh, I forgot to mention, the first 30 seconds of the show featured a flashback to a plane crash and it's specifically vague but one can only assume it has something to do with the protagonist's best friend being a ghost his age. Foreshadowing!

Anyway, he's handed a plot device by some hot chick with glasses, and by plot device I mean a mysterious metal briefcase. Told to protect it with his life, he does the most normal thing and goes to bed. Then a miko with heterochromia bursts into his room through the window in the middle of the night, puts him in a choke hold, and promptly leaves after seeing the moeblob ghost. This is apparently a completely normal occurrence because he just goes back to bed, no need to call the police or anything like that. The next day he goes to school, and as madd so eloquently put it, the uniforms give off "some national socialist party vibes". I mean we're talking black and white uniforms with armbands and buttons all over the place. Oh and moeblob ghost can somehow change clothes, though I'm not quite sure of the logistics of that one. Let's face it, they just wanted to get her in the goddamned uniform so she could float around in thigh-highs. The show up until this point has been fairly standard, but that all changes in about thirty seconds.

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He goes home and waiting for him there is a gang of strangers wearing white clothing. It's like some E.T. shit, they raid his home looking for the plot device and start interrogating him. After a bit of that, the hot chick with glasses returns wearing a trench coat and wielding a shotgun, and then ANOTHER gang shows up and starts using magic to burn shit down. So there's a gang fight going on in his house, and he kinda crawls away to find the plot device. The leaders all find him again and there's a 3-way standoff and shit. So the one takes the most logical course of action and summons a magical mech from thin air. This prompts glasses chick to tell the protagonist to open the box, so he does, and welp out pops another mech. The episode ends.

Ghosts? Check.
Magic? Check.
Guns? Check.
Moeblob? Check.
Mechs? Check.
Weird uniforms? Check.
Thinly veiled foreshadowing? Check.

One poster on ADTRW put it this way "I'm pretty sure this was made by randomly filling out an anime MadLibs." and that's actually the best way to describe this.

Since this is already pretty long I should wrap it up with the technical stuff. There's nothing impressive or extraordinary about the animation. It's just standard for this type of show. The mechs are done entirely in CG, though, but there's a whole 30 seconds of them not moving in the first episode so who knows how that will look. The opening and ending are both average, completely forgettable montages featuring schoolgirls and mechs. That's pretty much it.

First Impression: 6/10
Verdict: If this continues its downward spiral towards insanity it will be worth watching in the same way Code Geass was.