Studio: Brain's Base    Genre: Harem/Fanservice
Aired: Winter 2009    Length: 12 Episodes
Weeaboo Average Score: N/A  (0 ratings)

Akikan - Preview

The best worst show I've ever hated

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-03-27 19:00:52

Akikan is about cans of soda
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That, when consumed,
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Turn into soda-themed moeblobs.
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Akikan - Complete Review

There can be only one Hig... moe soda brand?

Posted by: Crim @ 2009-03-31 18:52:40

If you couldnít tell by the amount of :effort: that Shere put into his preview of Akikan, he isnít a fan of the show.

Akikan is yet another example of Japanís favorite pastime, personification. Much like the beloved OS-tans, Akikan is a show about several Japanese students that find themselves in possession of magical cans that transform magical girl style into, well, magical girls when they are consumed (this leads to many interesting occurrences of moe girls having to kiss someone throughout the show, especially since only one owner is male and all the cans are girls).

At 12 episodes this show is short, which I am sure Shere is very thankful for. Having said that, there is very little time to form plot especially for a show that started out in what appeared to be a shounen-never-ending-battle action show archetype, which lasted all of two episodes until the show decided that it wasnít going to bother with plot anymore and paradigm shifted into slice of life territory showing how the Akikan girls adjusted to life with their owners, and I have to say it was much more enjoyable in this comedy/slice of life roll than the action fighter path which would have consisted of the ďAkikan ElectĒ where all of the aluminum or steel cans were to fight each other to the death until only one remained to be elected victor and probably win a prize or something (I donít really remember because it never mattered after it was explained once because none of the owners wanted to participate in it anyways). Thatís not to say there isnít any fighting, it takes several episodes for the cans to accept that their owners donít want them to fight and to keep from going at each other (which is usually spurred on because of love tension between the main two pairs of owners and cans). As the show progresses you come to find that the show is FULL of homosexuality, and I mean that in the girls like girls way and not the Ďget the fuck out faggotí way. There are serious yuri/yaoi overtones throughout the show but never gets to be the point of being overbearing and certainly adds to the comedic arsenal of the show.

The supporting cast is average consisting mainly of the main characters classmates, one of which whose entire purpose is to merely be a supporting character in the show is continuously ignored by all of the other cast members and quite literally begins to fade from the show as the series progresses.

As with most series the ending seemingly came as an afterthought when the studio realized that they only had 12 episodes to work with and suddenly in the last two episodes of the show it is rushed to a hastily and entirely mediocre conclusion that involves a mysterious new Akikan and the return of the ďAkikan ElectĒ plot device that was shelved at the beginning of the series.

As for the technicals, the animation quality was acceptable and never seemed lacking even in the fight sequences. The soundtrack was fitting but nothing memorable including the OP and ED, while the former was very high energy and appropriate for the show it was nothing you would find yourself wanting to listen to again and the ED being somewhat unique in that the style it was performed in changed in every episode however it consisted of entirely nonsensical lyrics and on top of that was sung by easily the most annoying character in the show, the grape soda Budoko.

If you are looking for a show where you donít have to worry about paying attention to any kind of plot and provides ample amounts of every kind of fanservice (especially yuri) along with those awkward sexual tension moments that come with comedy/harem/slice of life shows all while being mildly entertaining then Akikan is something you might (and I use the term cautiously) enjoy.

Final Score: 4/10

The fanservice is really the only thing that kept me watching, and with the trash canning of the plot is all the show consisted of so I canít be any more generous.

Verdict: Worthless as anything but mindless filler but should provide for some great doujin material this year.