Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Studio: BONES    Genre: Action/Fantasy
Aired: Spring 2009    Length: 63 Episodes
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Preview

A pip-squeak with a pocket watch and a pretty powerful suit of armor for a brother pack a serious punch

Posted by: Crim @ 2009-04-08 07:40:36

Iím not referring to this as FMA season 2 because its not, itís a retelling not a continuation (relax thereís no naziís). If you donít know what FMA is, why the hell are you here reading this, you should be ashamed to call yourself a weeaboo. Okay okay, briefly FMA is about two brothers who are alchemists that are searching for the mystical Philosopherís Stone to correct a mistake they made in the past. The reason thereís a retelling is because during the original series the anime strayed from the source manga to a large degree midway through its 51 episode run. This was actually a request by the author, Hiromu Arakawa, as she did not want both media to have the same ending, and well here we are 6 years later at the beginning of FMA: Brotherhood.

Most people that Iíve talked to actually donít want to watch this series because they feel that its going to be largely similar to the original, however I have to say that the first episode was brand new and included (what I now know) is foreshadowing that points in the direction of the manga plot. Story/future plot aside, most of your favorite characters make an appearance in the first episode and havenít changed a bit, Ed still has a short fuse for all the short comments he receives, Mustang is a badass, Armstrong isÖ. Armstrong, and the Fuhrer is a mean swordfighter. The animation is all amazing as it should be, a remake of one of Japans favorite anime of all time has a huge reputation to live up to and BONES is doing a good job so far.

I donít know about you but I often find that for a series that I really enjoy I am usually left with an empty feeling when the credits to the final episode roll knowing that I wont get to spend any more time with that show and the world it created. This is all the more true for shows that have unsatisfying endings (really Japan, naziís are the best you can come up with?) so having the chance to be reunited with a series anew is the best thing that can happen to a fan. Having said that, you can expect this show to be on par if not better than the original (depending on if you liked the last half of the first series or not) and it is very much worth watching even if you have seen the first one (except for the one episode that is sure to be in it, you know the one). There is sure to be more amazing fights, another chance to get to know the characters all over again or for the first time if youíre new, as well as a fair amount of comedy and if youíre lucky some self-reflective thought provoking questions you should be asking yourself.

If youíve never seen the first one then this absolutely must be on your top 5 shows to watch this season, and even if you have seen the first one stop acting like a baby and watch this anyways, you more than anyone should know what this franchise is capable of.

First Impression: 8/10
Verdict: Probably the highest profile show this season, and I canít really argue with that. This is worth watching whether youíre new to FMA or are a seasoned veteran.