Studio: Satelight    Genre: Action/Mech/Sports
Aired: Spring 2009    Length: 26 Episodes
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Basquash - Preview

Pierce the heavens with your basketball

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-04-10 17:45:08

I feel like I say this all too often in these reviews, but there's no way to describe the plot of this show without sounding like a stark raving lunatic. No doubt concocted over alcohol(and quite possibly drugs) Basquash is an anime-original story about basketball playing mechs produced by Satelight, the same studio that made Macross F. It's an absurd (obviously), fun, and fast-paced mech show, somewhere along the lines of Gurren Lagann.

The story focuses on a boy named Dan who lives in some alternate universe/future where people ride around in mechs with cars for heads (Megas XLR anyone?) like it's nothing special. Dan has a serious grudge with the vehicles, known as Bigfoots, for ill-described reasons involving his sister and basketball. The episode opens with him defacing public property (televisions all over the city) while aforementioned mech basketball is playing on them. He does this so his partner can steal parts from the destroyed monitors, but that's not really important. It was just an excuse for him to run from police-mechs and look awesome.

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Later on he meets up with his childhood friend, whom can only be described as a black version of Yoko from Gurren Lagann, and they joyride around in her personal Bigfoot. Two minutes of fanservice and sexual innuendo later, she gives him 3 tickets to the next basketball-mech game and insists that he go in spite of his hatred. He goes (of course) and surprise, he hates it. However, he isn't the only one. The entire stadium is angry because the game is a lot more boring in person. On TV they add special effects to make it appear more interesting. Frustrated, he and engineer-girl from before go retrieve her Bigfoot and he shows everyone what mech-basketball is really about.

Before he gets caught and thrown in prison for a year for reckless endangerment and defacing public property, of course.

The show looks fantastic, much like Macross F did. The mechs are all done in CG, and they don't go to any great lengths to blend it in, but it still looks great. The character designs are rather cartoon-y and exaggerated. The childhood friend girl is a walking mess of fanservice, her boobs getting more camera time than most of the other characters in the show. In terms of voice actors, I recognize Dan but that's mostly from his role in Ef: A Tale of Memories (Hirono). He was also the protagonist in Kannagi. Seeing as no one else really talks in the first episode, that's all I really noticed. The OP and ED were both wonderful, for a nice change of pace (though the OP isn't in the first episode). In terms of overall production values, this show is likely the best out of this season.

First Impression: 9/10
Verdict: Even in an abnormally strong Spring season, Basquash stands out as something you need to watch.