Hatsukoi Limited

Studio: J.C. Staff    Genre: Romance/Comedy
Aired: Spring 2009    Length: 12 Episodes
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Hatsukoi Limited - Preview

Weaponized panty shots and warehouses designated specifically for kidnappings

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-05-11 21:56:46

So by this point some may be asking themselves "Where is J.C. Staff's token schoolgirl show this season?" Good news, it's Hatsukoi Limited. Literally translated as "First Love Limited", it's a show about a fairly large group of middle school and high school girls who all experience love for the fir- You know what I can't write this without losing all claims to my masculinity so let's put it another way: Hatsukoi Limited is a romcom with a shitload of schoolgirls in it. At face value this sounds like something really overdone and stupid. That's spot on - this is a premise that's overdone and stupid. The differences here are quite simple: 1) This show is actually funny and 2) the sheer volume of schoolgirls makes up for the fact that they all have the personality of a box of Special K.

The first episode introduces us to the premise through the story of a middle-school moeblob named Ayumi as she's discussing amongst her many friends things that moeblobs often think about. Most importantly she states that she would unconditionally go out with the first guy to confess to her. Of course, the very next second she's approached by a mountain-sized demon of a man named Zaitsu Misao who presents her with none other than a written confession. The rest of the episode focuses on her dealing with this 'devastating' turn of events. Rather than outright reject him, she leaves him hanging. He insists on walking her to and from school, something which causes her a great deal of stress (his mere presence causes young children to burst into tears).

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Eventually Ayumi works up the courage to tell him to back off for a bit. So he does, and no sooner does he leave her to walk the streets of Japan alone is she kidnapped and tied to a pole in a warehouse. On a related note, we've come to the conclusion that abandoned warehouses are rented out for kidnappings in Japan. It's the only explanation we can come up with for them being so conveniently available for kidnappings/rape/dramatic fight scenes. Anyway, the group of ruffians who abducted her use her as bait to lure out Misao (monster-dude). He comes, of course, but is stopped short of kicking ass by their dastardly plan: Lift Ayumi's skirt to reveal her panties, and exploit Misao's shyness.
With Misao immobilized and beaten, it comes down to Ayumi to deliver the emotional monologue to get him back in the fight. She also breaks free and knees some dude in the face. They win, of course. Ayumi displays her anger over the situation by knocking Misao out with a single kick and a flash of the panties.

Thus the legend is born, the unbeatable Misao is beaten by a middle school girl.

The show itself is written by the same author who did Ichigo 100%, and while I've never seen that I do know it was a show about strawberry print panties. I sort of knew what to expect going into this, I just didn't expect it to be so funny. The show looks nice enough, it uses a fairly soft coloring style. There's nothing impressive about the animation but you should expect that. It just looks good enough for what it is. There's a good bit of fanservice, though the panty shots are treated more as an inevitability than a focus (aside from the last scene of course). I mean they don't go out of their way to do it other than that one time. There's plenty of panning shots, and the entire ED animation is nothing but panning shots of the show's entire cast in a bunch of different cosplay. Granted, these are mostly middle school girls, so we're firmly within the creepy zone here. Overall the show plays out a lot like Minami-ke but with more fanservice. There's lots of situational humor and absurd facial expressions, etc. If you need something similar to Minami-ke then look no further, really.

First Impression: 6/10
Verdict: There needs to be some fluff to fit in between all of the over-the-top awesome shows this season, I guess. As far as fluff goes, this is okay.