Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!

Studio: Studio Hibari    Genre: Ecchi/Comedy
Aired: Summer 2009    Length: 12 Episodes
Weeaboo Average Score: N/A  (0 ratings)

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan! - Preview

Public Service Announcements done right; Don't play with electricity unless you're wearing a rubber plugsuit

Posted by: Crim @ 2009-07-11 21:54:48

When you learn that Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! airs on the same (satellite) network and in the same timeslot that last season's Queens Blade did you wont be surprised to see that I'm the one who "gets" to review it.

Jūden-chan is a thinly veiled PSA about suicide that involves Ecchi. Actually I take that back I think its fetish hentai that has suicide as a plot, we are talking about Japan after all.

Jūden-chan stars a moeblob named Plug who works for a parallel dimension organization that is tasked with "charging up" inhabitants of earth who's spirits are down and are at risk for committing suicide. Plug uses a scouter to read people's depression levels (Ranked A-F, A being at serious danger for suicide) and upon finding at risk people, uses nearby sources of high voltage electricity to summon a comically large electrical plug which she uses to recharge people. Of course being a moeblob she is incredibly incompetent and her first attempt to perform her duty in the show goes predictably wrong causing part of her plugsuit to be blown off revealing a fanservice shot of her bare ass.

Scenechange back to her alternate dimension where Plugchan is being chewed out by her boss for screwing up and destroying things. She begs for another chance and is told she better not screw up this time or she's fired, so in a hurry Plugchan rushes back to earth and searches for a new target. Unfortunately for Plugchan she's having a hard time finding depressed people (In Japan? Wishful thinking.) Because seeing flying moes cruising all over the place and stabbing people with giant electrical plugs would probably freak people out, the chargers are equipped with cloaking devices that render them both invisible and untouchable. Being a mopey moe herself Plug ends up drifting through a local restaurant and right out the back wall into the alley behind the restaurant, where she is surprisingly bonked over the head by a restaurant worker with a baseball bat who can apparently see and interact with her. Some conversing happens with Plug getting beat up some more and eventually the little sister of the restaurant worker shows up and wants to go home with her brother but can't because his shift got extended, the news causes nee-chan to become Level C depressed (woo wincest). Seeing this Plug prepares for action but is interrupted by Onii-chan who is very much opposed to letting his sister get a giant plug shoved into her. Somewhere along the line of this scene Plugchan pisses herself which is apparently going to be one of the fetishes this series panders to along with latex fetish and who knows how many others as the series goes on.

The rest of the episode happens, with Plug getting beaten several more times by Onii-chan for things like spying on his sister while she's bathing and eventually ends up with Plugchan saving his sister from committing suicide. The final scene involves Plugchan pissing herself again when she returns to their house to see how things are going and ends up floating in on Onii-chan while is he is naked, causing him to assault her once again.

The animation warrants no comments one way or the other, the voice cast has no one you that would have to watch the show for, although Plug is voiced by Kaori Fukuhara who played Tsukasa in Lucky Star. The first episode had no OP that I can recall, which is because it appears that the ED of the first episode is actually the series OP and is nothing but 1:30 of the female cast members either naked, in some state of undress, or shaking their goods while wearing their skin tight latex plugsuits (GAINAX would be proud). I managed to find the ED and it is nothing even worth mentioning.

I really don't know what to say about this series, it's clearly aimed at someone (probably the people that enjoyed Queens Blade but even then it doesn't seem the same to me) who is clearly not myself. This is again one of those shows, even though it has an exceptionally high level of Ecchi given that it is not on an over-the-air network, that really serves no purpose because a real Hentai will serve you much better if you want porn and theres plenty of other real anime series airing this summer.

First Impression: 2/10
Verdict: Don't watch this show. If you really want to watch a hentai about watersports or latex ask /d/ I'm sure they can recommend something better.