Studio: PA Works    Genre: Action/Supernatural
Aired: Summer 2009    Length: 13 Episodes
Weeaboo Average Score: 5.00  (1 rating)

CANAAN - Preview

Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai

Posted by: Shere @ 2009-07-11 20:21:21

Type-Moon, most famous for their juggernaught of a franchise called Fate/Stay Night (though Tsukihime came first and is almost as popular), recently contributed a special scenario to a game called "428". The game itself was actually published for the Wii and developed by another company, Chunsoft, but CANAAN is specifically created by Type-Moon, and is their sole contribution towards the game. I thought it was necessary to clarify that, unimportant as it may be.

CANAAN is about... well, we don't actually know what it's about yet. Surprise, yet another opening episode of an anime series that is intentionally ambiguous! Here's what we can gather though. First of all, Canaan is also the name of a character in the show, presumably the main character. She shoots things. There are also other characters, including her friend who is a photographer. The story is, at least at present, set within Shanghai, and there's some shady bullshit afoot. Of specific importance is the idea of visually interpreting non-visual sensory data.

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To summarize the events of the episode quickly, two photojournalists are flying to Shanghai for some reason. Upon landing they go around doing what photographers do, meanwhile they keep showing random people dying under very suspicious circumstances. Weird! Then, they cut to a couple of businessmen talking about a bunch of weird shit that will probably be plot relevant in like 3 episodes, but specifically synesthesia (click). Right. Cut back to the photographers who have long since been separated. The moeblob photographer finds herself in a bad situation, but all of a sudden in comes Canaan, guns blazing, to save the day. Turns out they're old friends. Canaan leads her good friend Maria into a dark alleyway in Shanghai and asks her to take out "that". Turns out "that" is a long red string that is apparently the reason Maria and Canaan became friends. Like a good friend, Canaan has Maria put her hands behind her back, ties up Maria and ditches her in the alleyway. Canaan then goes on to have an awesome show-offy gunfight in the middle of a crowded festival and she uses some sort of [superpower] to dispatch the enemies with relative ease. That's basically it.

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CANAAN is being produced by a studio called PA Works who only have one previous anime series credited soley to them, that being True Tears. Here's what I remember about True Tears: It was a terrible show that was also a very pretty show, but every background character was rendered in robotic-looking CG. What does that say about CANAAN? I don't know! The character designs are very clearly of Type-Moon origin, they just have a specific style they employ, especially with eyes, strangely enough. The animation for the first episode was slick, and during the action scenes you'll be hard pressed to look away. There's some CG used here and there, particular for guns (all of the guns used in the show) especially in both the OP and ED. Speaking of which, the OP is actually rather cool, though I can't say I'm a huge fan of the song. The ED is extremely boring. The music used within the show fits very well thematically.

First Impression: 8.5/10
Verdict: I really enjoy Type-Moon stories in spite of their flaws. Type-Moon's anime track record is less than stellar though. Who knows where this will go.