Is this a Zombie!?

Studio: A-1    Genre: Comedy, Shounen
Aired: Winter 2011    Length: 12 Episodes
Weeaboo Average Score: N/A  (0 ratings)

Is this a Zombie!? - Episode 5

The other magical girl show this season

Posted by: Shere @ 2011-02-12 23:21:23

The harem comedy is a thing of tradition. Every season needs one, and all of them without question wind up more or less being the same thing. There will be an onsen episode and/or a beach episode. The protagonist will be semi-secretly lecherous and often find himself in compromising situations with the women around him. The women/girls in question will find themselves inexplicably attracted to the hapless, helpless, worthless, self-inserted otaku wish-fullfillment protagonist. The protagonist, though, is not normally a magical girl zombie.

And even in being so different it is still following the recent trend of "Harem Comedy, EXCEPT THIS TIME WE HAVE..." shows. The ones I can name off the top of my head are Nyan Koi, which had talking cats, and Akikan which had magical soda can girls. I haven't even spoken a word about the show but that's because I'm trying to temper expectations here. We all know what these shows are, they all reside within the spectrum of mediocre, some teetering on the edge of good, some careening towards the abyss of bad. There's no excellence to be found here, no hopes to get up, no expectations to be had. This is tripe at it's most average, so if that's all you need to hear, you may feel free to just go ahead and stop here.

All of that being said, this is a decidedly watchable show. The gist of the plot is that our protagonist, Ayumu, is dead. He was murdered in cold blood and caught nary a glimpse of his killer. How can the show continue if the main character is already dead? Well, it's simple really: He was resurrected by a Necromancer, and is now one of the walking dead. It's not as bad as it sounds, aside from a rather noted disdain for sunlight Ayumu functions as a normal high school boy, albeit with a couple minor changes. For starters, he can take a hell of a beating, and seems to have very little attachment to his limbs since he loses them constantly. Second, he possesses some manner of super strength, although it exceeds what his body (read: limbs) can handle so it tends not to help very much.

Anyway, his immediate goal in unlife is to find his killer. Along the way he bumps into a Magically Dressed Girl (Masou Shoujou, it's a play on Mahou Shoujou). She attacks him with her giant pink chainsaw and then upon finding out that he won't die, she tries to erase his memory. Instead of erasing his memory she transferred her powers to him accidentally and now resides with him while she recuperates. Also living with him is the aforementioned necromancer, a mute, long-haired girl, dressed in armor who communicates by writing on a notepad. Another chick shows up to live with him later on in the show and she is literally a vampire ninja. Yeah.

The production values for this show are pretty astounding given the subject matter. There's an absolutely ridiculous fight in episode 4 that rivals some of the better fight scenes I've ever seen, though it is rather short. The animation quality is explained by the non-stop product placement, though. The product in question is literally the most obscure, most expensive small oscillating fan ever made. Of course it's a Dyson product. Why Dyson chose this show and that fan of all things I cannot ascertain. I don't know if many late-night anime watching nerds are in the market for $600 fans. Anyway, the OP is pretty kickin' rad and the ED has effortdance.gif in it, so all around the presentation is pretty solid.

The bottom line here is that this is a show that flirts with being overly stupid. It's saved by the pros which comes in the form of the very occasional laugh out loud moment. The cons are present in force, though. This show is always on the verge of not being worth anyone's time. For instance, episode 5 was the definition of abysmal.

The jury is really still out on this one, and at 5 episodes in that's not really anything to brag about. In a marginally better season this wouldn't even be worth consideration.